A thousand meanings.

Roisin O'Brien: scary Irish feminist bred in Essex. Some say a little sick in the head, I say fun as fuck :).
Have been dealing with eating-disorders (bulimia, diabulimia and b.e.d) for last 5 years, slowly trying to recover.
Kick-ass Type 1 Diabetic for over 20 years :D

It is just a body. The more you can be neutral about a body, the better. Bodies change, and many times they change from things out of your control. Bodies do not, and never will, have anything to do with your value.

Bevin Branlandingham, 

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People always tell me I could have it worse. But they don’t feel the pain of diabetes. Every needle, every finger poke, every silent tear that falls when no one else is around. Yeah, maybe I could have it worse but you sure have it a lot better then me.